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It felt like there was something missing from the music industry, a sense of personality, a sense of honesty, a sense of art; We decided to Paint The Cave.



Paint The Cave is an Indie/Alt-Rock band that aims to craft "music with a message." Acting on lyrical strength, front man Jeremy Harris offers insight on social issues from a unique and poetic vantage point. Thematically, Paint The Cave is layered with melancholy, irony, and hope. 

At the core of Paint The Cave's sound you'll hear a steady flow of musical "epic-ness" - Genuine vocals, action-packed drums, intense guitar leads, warm bass lines, and dynamic rhythms. 

Drawing inspiration from Rock and Roll “Greats”, Paint The Cave's tone appears as a collaborative musical cave painting influenced by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, and Bob Dylan, which forms a sound that illuminates the darkness.

Brighten from within

If walls of your cave are dark

Paint a sun on them


Our Debut Album "Tempus Canvas" is for sale online at cdbaby! Woohoo! - You can buy it HERE

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Founded by Jeremy Harris in November, 2012

Music, Lyrics, & Sound Recording

Copyright 2013 Jeremy Harris

All Rights Reserved